About Misti's Chihuahuas
At Misti's Chihuahuas we strive to produce healthy, sound, well socialized Chihuahuas, qualities desirable for show dogs and companions. We breed to established and successful show bloodlines, always trying to better the breed. 

Much time is spent with the puppies from birth and throughout  their life. I am the handler and trainer (Misti) and my mother helps me before, during, and after birth in caring for new moms and puppies. She takes care of my dogs while I am away at shows so they always have the best care when I am not around. 

We travel one hour away to a great handling class at my local kennel club every Monday night for socialization and proper training before they enter the ring. We have a great club that takes the training seriously and is always willing to help with the puppies.

This has been my dream since I was 7 years old and watched my first dog show on television. I love Chihuahuas and I love to show them off in the show ring. My Chihuahuas enjoy traveling and are always a thrill to show. I am dedicated to the breed and the time and commitment it takes to own and show dogs, I can't wait to take it all the way to the top and maybe one day get a Best In Show Win!